Strategic Plan

Phase 1: Development

Goal 1: Fundraising
1.1   Raise $75K for Year 1 (2018-2019 Academic Year)
1.2 Build Relationships for Future Gifts

Goal 2: Legislative Support
2.1 Obtain signatures from 50% of Missouri legislature on MOST Letter of Support
2.2 Develop list of greatest needs and potential structural plan for fellows

Goal 3: Legal Guidance
3.1 Establish ethical and legal guidelines for fellowship program
3.2. Understand legal restrictions on relationship between university and legislature

Goal 4: Fellowship Program Logistics
4.1 Develop guiding principles for Advisory Board and reach out to potential board members
4.2 Create a timeline for fellowship program from applications à end of fellowship
4.3 Build relationships with universities around the state to increase statewide presence
4.4 Establish logistical plan for fellowship support – home & work location, stipend, benefits, sabbatical info

Goal 5: Increase Awareness
5.1 Continue to meet with UM System leadership to generate awareness and seek support
5.2 Increase social media following
5.3 Regularly update website and blog
5.4 Develop news releases upon major happenings and seek local media coverage
5.5 Identify future leaders of MOST Fellowship program
5.6 Create marketing materials for events & meetings